Forever 21 Deals: 11/16/13

It is the holiday season! Where the lines to Starbucks become three times more longer and finding a parking spot becomes a competition and stalking game. The hardest thing for me about the holidays season is actually buying gifts for people and indulging in great deals I find for myself :/

But, I’m very happy to share my finds with others! (:


I found these super cute deals at Forever 21 ❤ I am in love with baggy, thick sweaters…and polka dots. I found this cute polka sweater for only $19.50. It is super warm and has kept me very warm ever since I put it on 😀

I am the worst person to keep track of socks, so I bought more over-the-knee socks to pair with boots along with a skirt, high-waisted shorts, and/or a dress (which is what I bought along with it). Yay!


This dress is super simple with a skater skirt style and fitted at the waist. This find was only $13.50 and was available in a lot of different colors. This dress can be paired with over-the-knee socks with boots and a baggy cardigan. Or even worn out for an evening dress with heels!

Hopefully, I will be better about shopping for others the next time I go to the mall >,< I will definitely let you guys know if I do find some great deals for gifts (:


❤ Dorothy

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