Coupons: Target

I used to try to coupon absolutely everything and realized I was spending money on things I didn’t really need. If you’re better at couponing then me, than you can probably get away with getting a lot of stuff for the price of almost nothing. I sort of gave up and only looked for coupons on stuff that I actually needed lol. Props to those of you who put in the time and stuff! Couponing takes a lot of work!

I went to Target and needed to just get two stuff: pads and eye drops, lol. But here is how I only paid about $6.00 for both of these items!


Poise liners

  • Price: $4.89
  • Coupon: $3.00 off
  • Ibotta: $1.00 back
  • Final Price: $0.89

Systane eyedrops:

  • Price: $8.79 (originally $11.29, but their prices were mislabled and was able to price adjust it for what was marked [:)
  • Coupon: $3.00 off (when you sign up to register on their website)
  • Final Price: $5.79


❤ Dorothy

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