Coupon Cabin Review



I stumbled upon this website that had not only printable coupons for groceries, but also coupons for restaurants, stores, and online deals. I love how organized everything is and very easy to navigate through it. If you go under Coupons > Freebies, it shows a list of offers of how you can get free coupons and stuff just by signing up for a store’s email. For example, get 20% off your next purchase at H&M when signing up for their emails! There are also deals online that provide you codes when checking out to get more money off. There is a tab called “Collection” and based on your preference, “New Mom”, “The Foodie”, etc. There are a bunch of sales and deals that might attract you and also save you a few bucks!

It is also very easy to shop by brand names when searching for grocery store printable coupons! Some sites I’ve gone through and hard to find coupons by brand name and have to search through every category. However, this has a easy search box to do so! Also, the layout scheme is very appealing and kind of reminds me of Livingsocial’s layout.

Happy savings! Enjoy!

❤ Dorothy

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