El Centro De La Raza


On Thursday, two of my nursing friends and I expected to go to a daycare called Jose Marti to re-do tests on some of the kids such as, height & weight, vision, and hearing. When we arrived, it was this huge building that looked like a really old school. It was called El Centro De La Raza. We were sort of confused because we thought Jose Marti was a daycare by itself, but it is actually part of this community center place in the neighborhoods near Martin Luther King Jr. St.

When we entered inside, it was full of colors, paintings, pictures, and decorations hanging from the walls and doors. There was a food bank, opportunities to get free services on filing taxes, information about birthing classes, Spanish classes, preschool classes, and so much more services in this building. What I didn’t know is that El Centro De La Raza is basically like a community center that offers a variety of programs and services for the Latino community within the Seattle and Martin Luther King Jr. county. I feel that these services help empower the Latino community and encourage them to fully participate as members of society and give them the help they need.


As a student nurse, I conducted vision tests to preschoolers, a range from 3-4 year olds. They were lots of fun and it was nice to pretend to be a kid again. Instead of random letters or different letter “E’s” facing different direction, these preschoolers got images: an apple, house, circle, or square. The normal vision is 20/40 for preschoolers. Some of the preschoolers only spoke Spanish, which made me dig deep in my brain of the random Spanish words I learned back in high school. However, it was definitely enjoyable and so fun interacting with the kids.

My group and I are currently working on a hand washing presentation for refugee families. We decided to come back to El Centro de la Raza and do our hand washing presentation with the preschoolers in Jose Marti. Hooray! More having fun with kids (: I feel like every week for my public health clinical is always something so different, but always interesting!


❤ Dorothy


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