The Little Things


I woke up, not wanting to get out of my warm bed to get to work at 7AM this morning. I dreaded coming to work as I was driving on the freeway. I usually try to get to work a bit early to find street parking and I like to park facing the city buildings, since I work on top of a hill. There is something about the mornings I have always enjoyed, especially being in the city. People getting their morning coffees. So peaceful before the day has started. Quiet before the sounds of sirens and cars honking.

I decided to stay in my warm car until 6:30AM before walking up the grueling hill. As I was dozing off, I saw the sunrise reflecting on the city buildings. At first the buildings were dark and grey, then slowly turned into a beautiful mix of pink and orange colors. Who knew you could watch a sunrise on a city building?

As I was watching this beautiful view, it made me realize to appreciate the little things. It is a new day; another day to be me and to live my life. I should be thankful for even having a job to go to in the mornings. Sometimes, something so beautiful and simple can change your morning around just like that. It is funny how the little things make you reflect on the bigger picture.


❤ Dorothy

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