Starbucks Deal: March 12th – 14th


As much as I hate getting suckered in with promotions like this, I might just cave in. If you are signed up on Starbucks’ card program, you probably got this email as well. If not, great news for you! Starting tomorrow, Starbucks is offering a free grande hot brewed coffee with a purchase of any breakfast sandwich. As you know, Starbucks has been serving their reduced-fat turkey bacon, ham & cheddar, and bacon & gouda, and sausage & cheddar breakfast sandwiches for awhile. Now, Starbucks has added three new ones: slow-roasted ham & swiss, vegetable & fontiago, and egg & cheddar breakfast sandwich.

I’m confused because recently when I went to Starbucks, they promoted their reduced-fat turkey bacon breakfast sandwiches as being “New” which isn’t totally true. Maybe, they are just putting it as new to appeal the fact that it has under 300 calories. It was hard enough to keep up with four breakfast sandwiches, but seven -__-” I guess variety is crucial for pleasing consumers, right?

Anyway, if you are all about freebies, get your breakfast sandwich this week and a free cup of coffee (:


❤ Dorothy

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