Ebates is Real (:

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 8.00.23 PM

Ebates is a FREE website and it is sort of earning rebates for purchases that you buy online when you go to your store of choice through the Ebate’s website. For new members, just for signing up you get a free $10 gift card of your choice to one of the retail stores listed. I think I got a $10 gift card to Target when I signed up. At first, I was really skeptical before using Ebates, until I saw one of my favorite YouTube makeup gurus (JLovesMac1) using it and she received a check in the mail. I just thought the whole concept was weird, a free website and just by clicking on a link and purchasing stuff on a store’s website you’ll get a percentage of your money back? It isn’t much a rebate, like 3% or 5%. Sometimes Ebates has deals where specific stores have higher rebates such as 10%. It all depends, but I mean it isn’t much work to do and it is a little nice to get something back when purchasing something you were already going to buy anyway, right?

I recently did some shopping on Nordstrom’s website for their anniversary sale ❤ I got $3.18 back for one of my purchases and another $4.80 for another purchase from Nordstrom. Ebates is also having a spend more than $25, get $10 back rebate, which was a great unexpected surprise! In order to get your “Big Fat Payments” Ebates sends you a check in the mail or via Paypal during cycles. It truly does add up if you shop a lot online and it doesn’t take much work to do it (:

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