Mt. Rainier Tour

My boyfriend and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary at Mt. Rainier! I bought tickets through Customized Tours that picked us up at the Sheraton Hotel in downtown Seattle and drove us to and from Mt. Rainier. It was nice not having to worry about driving, especially since neither of our cars have AWD. It was absolutely majestic! During my daily commute, Mt. Rainier is a landmark I see almost every single day. However, being so close to it is a whole other experience. Something so beautiful that is constantly changing due to mother nature, made me feel some sort of way.

Being locals, it seemed silly to pay for a tour, but having other locals on the bus made us feel a little better. We spent the day catching waterfalls, taking in the views, and our tour guide even provided us with snow shoes to go snow shoeing around Mt. Rainier in Paradise. Also, my boyfriend had a Rainier beer on Mt. Rainier – that is something special.


Catching the sunset off of Mt. Rainier

After spending our whole day at Mt. Rainier, we were able to relax and treat ourselves to room service (: Five years is definitely a milestone, but I can’t wait for what else our love has in store for us!

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