Snowing in Utah

Do you ever feel a sense of cleansing whenever it snows? Life stops for a second and you appreciate snowflakes and the crisp air. There’s a lot that I think about when I am at a standstill during moments like this – I am truly captivated. What does the future have in store for me? What is in God’s plan? Whatever it may be, I need to trust and have faith. 

Loving God’s creation, such as snow and majestic mountains, is my realization of how much beauty there is to see around the world. Also, how love can be so powerful. 

My boyfriend is beginning his around-the-country interview sessions for physical therapy school. First stop Utah. Then, Iowa. Minnesota. Oregon. My boyfriend tells me I don’t have to come along with him, but when you love someone… You do anything for them. So, I am his personal, bring-along supporter. The unknown is a scary place, but I believe that being with someone familiar makes the journey that less fearful. 

Whatever God’s plans may be for my boyfriend, for me, and for us, is in His hands. When I am still in all His beauty and presence, I learn that whatever He has planned for me is all on God’s time. I just need to be still and put my faith in Him. 

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