Winter Wonderland Trip – Boston, MA

Why, hello there (:

I have been seriously MIA, but I am back to share with you my trip to Boston!


We took a late flight out of Seattle and ended up landing around 5:00 am. We picked up our rental car and snow was pouring down. We told ourselves that we wanted to experience snow in a completely different state and we sure did get our wish.

We killed time by strolling around the snowy, empty brick streets, the multiple parks that were around our neighborhood near Tremont, and had some awesome breakfast burritos at a small diner. For a moment, we thought we were literally insane doing this trip because it was 10 degrees and couldn’t feel our hands, toes, or faces (we ended up sucking it up). We stopped at a nearby grocery store to pick up breakfast food, which helped save us money during our time there by eliminating one meal out of the day.


When deciding what we wanted to do, we got our tickets through Go City Card. We ended up getting tickets to:

  • Skywalk Observatory
  • Museum of Fine Arts
  • ICA Museum – absolutely had no time on our trip to actually go D:
  • Paul Revere’s House
  • Freedom Trail Tour


Definitely try to go when it is a clear day out. The views are amazing up here! Since it was the middle of winter, the Charles River was completely frozen and it was so beautiful to see Boston in this wintery wonderland feel.



Commuting around Boston was easy using the subway, but we rented a car so we can drive all the way to Provincetown to check it out. It was about a 2 hour drive away from the city and the town was quiet since everything there was seasonal. We walked around and imagined how cool it would be to come back here in the spring or summer.

We walked along Race Point Beach in complete awe of this place. We picked up rocks, beach glass, saved clams from seagulls by throwing them back into the ocean, and appreciated our alone time being the only people on this beautiful piece of land.


On our way back, we adventured towards Seaport and ended up going to the Harpoon Brewery. Tours for the brewery run at the start of the hour Monday – Friday and only costed $5.00. The tour lasted about an hour and near the end of the tour, they give you 20-30 minutes to be able to sample all of their beers on tap. (I definitely had too many samples).

We ended up finding a Groupon for ice skating at The Boston Common Frog Pond and definitely wanted to go at night to experience all of the pretty lights (:




Be prepared to be trapped in this amazing, four-story museum ranging from paintings, statues, mummies, and thousands of artifacts. We were happy to be able to be there for Takashi Murakami’s special exhibit and Monet! Also, if you ever took AP U.S. History, going through and looking at the paintings will bring you right back into the classroom. By hour two or three, we ended up wanting to only see the “starred” items on the brochure because we were exhausted.

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This venue was huge and nothing like anything in Seattle. I took a hard fall when getting inside the venue because of some steps going down from the bar into the general admission area :/ We waited about an hour outside in the snow, but we did get to see Majid Jordan!




Again, it is the middle of winter in Boston and not a lot of people were willing to do a Freedom Trail tour. However, because of this our tour guide ended up giving us a private tour! We walked around the Boston Commons, saw the Old South Meeting House, Granary Burying Ground, Old North Church, Boston Massacre Site, and it ended at Faneuil Hall. The Freedom Trail is doable on your own, but it was nice to have a tour guide explaining the rich history behind every site. He was nice enough to talk to us inside places that had heaters, so we didn’t freeze to death outside. Since the tour ended at Faneuil Hall, we ended up doing the rest of the Freedom Trail on our own.

We had tickets to see Paul Revere’s House and continued past the Charlestown Bridge to see the Bunker Hill Monument and the USS Constitution. Make sure to check out the hours online because they vary. We missed the last tour which left at 3:30pm and had to come back the next day to check it out.


We got to check out the TD Garden and we were sad to miss out on Kyrie playing. Before the game we grabbed beers at a bar called The Fours, voted Best Sports Bar in America by Sports Illustrated. It was definitely packed, but we ended up standing around drinking a beer before we entered the game. One of the guys at the bar offered me a seat while he was waiting for his brother. He definitely was a Boston native and gave us tips and advice about our stay. Seeing a Celtics game at TD Garden is something you definitely have to try going to!


Our favorite meal of our entire trip had to be our experience at Neptune Oyster. They serve amazing seafood and have a variety of oysters to choose from. We ordered a dozen oysters, scallops, and their AMAZING lobster roll. Definitely worth the $30 for a lobster roll. We tried a lot of other lobster rolls from different restaurants, but this place was well worth the price for the amount of lobster they gave.

We went back to the USS Constitution since we missed the tour the day before. The tours are given by active US Navy men and women. The girl we had was her first tour ever and she was very nervous, especially when her officer showed up who ended up being a US Navy carpenter. He ended up continuing the tour for us and we were glad that he showed up because he was able to tell us so much about the ship itself, how it was built, and what it would be like in the ship during battles over seas.

We took an uber to adventure around Harvard and I felt like El Woods from Legally Blonde out there. From there we went to the Cambridge Brewing Company and tried out two flights. They had this chocolate raspberry stout that literally tasted like you were drinking liquid chocolate. We wanted to check out an arcade bar, but the one that we found called A4cade was hard to find because it was inside of a Roxie’s grilled cheese restaurant. When you entered the restaurant, there was a bouncer checking IDs, giving out wristbands, and opened a large freezer door where you were all of a sudden sucked into a different world. They had fun drinks and also sold bomb chicken sandwiches!

For our last night, we decided to go out with a bang and go to a nightclub called Royale. It was a huge nightclub that had three stories. We ended up being lucky enough to have one of the guys in the booth give away the rest of his alcohol, chasers, and water bottles to us (lol).

Well, that is it folks! We definitely fell in love with snowy Boston and plan on visiting again when the sun is out (:

Thanks for reading ❤

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