Day 4: Bryce Canyon

We woke up early, packed up our campsite in Zion, and headed to Bryce Canyon! It was about a 1 hour and 15 minute drive from Zion which didn’t seem too bad with the beautiful scenery you get to drive through going to Bryce!

We stayed at Bryce Pines Campground and came a bit too early to check in to our campsite. So, we decided to go straight to Bryce to explore around and possibly fit in a few hikes.

It was a 10 minute drive to the Bryce Canyon Shuttle, where we got shuttle schedules and a map of the park. Compared to Zion, Bryce was definitely waaaay bigger! So much to see and so much to do! We decided to get off at Sunset Point to do the Queen Navajo Garden Trail. There is an option to do the hike in reverse which leads you to walk down the traverse instead of hiking up the steep climb.

Queen Navajo Garden Trail

  • Distance = 2.6 miles
  • Elevation = 623 feet
Bryce Amphitheater

These rocks were MASSIVE when you started to hike down into the amphitheater and it felt like you were walking on planet Mars or something like that. In the background of Bryce Canyon are the tallest plateaus in North America! The earth is so beautiful ❤

Look how massive these things are!

It is super important to take breaks in the shade whenever you can and these rocks were so huge that it was nice having a little breather. When buying clothing for desert hiking, I bought this OR Research Sun Runner Cap which saved me A LOT on this trip. It has a detachable cape if you want to wear it like a regular cap, but the cape protected my face and neck from the sun. I also got a lot of moisture wicking white shirts (Costco FTW) dirty since the sand literally gets everywhere, especially your mouth. Also, there is no way around not getting sand in your shoes.

Wall Street is the only slot canyon in Bryce and it was amazing! The rock formations in Bryce are so unique compared to anything else. Along the way, we learned about hoodoos, how nature created the amphitheater, and met some new squirrel friends!

We took a lot of videos running through rock tunnels and pictures between the narrow rock formations. I never knew rocks can make you appreciate the beauty that this Earth has to offer 🙂 We ended the day by grabbing some pizza and beer at Valhalla Pizza inside of the park and headed back to our campsite to set up tent before it got dark.

One of the brochures that we got from the shuttle stop said that it was Bryce Canyon’s Astronomy night! Depending on how clear skies were, our plan for the next day was to do a couple more hikes and maybe see some awesome stars. Is this what living is like? ❤

Hope you guys enjoy!

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