Day 5: Bryce Canyon (Peekaboo, Mossy Creek, Tower Bridge, & Rim Trail)

Our last day at Bryce and we wanted to fit in a lot since it was our only full day. We woke up early to head out to do Peekaboo Trail and I do have to say doing this hike while the sun rises is an incredible sight to see. You can see the colors of the rock within the amphitheater slowly change when the sun begins to beam down on them. We also wanted to do this hike first since it was a strenuous 1555 feet climb out of the canyon and didn’t want to do it when the sun was blazing.

Peekaboo Trail

  • Distance = 5.5 miles
  • Descending = 1555 feet
View of the amphitheater on Peekaboo Trail

This hike was our favorite one in Bryce! I feel like you get a different view of the amphitheater when you’re looking down into it from different viewpoints. However, it is pretty amazing when you descend down to the canyon floor and are walking within it. Along the way, we met more squirrel friends and even saw some deer! We also got a chance to see the Wall of Windows where some rock formations have holes or “windows” within them caused by erosion.

A “window” within the rock!

Tower Bridge

  • Distance = 3 miles
  • Descending = 950 feet
Tower Bridge

Before heading out to lunch, we decided to hike out to see the Tower Bridge along the Fairyland loop trail. To be honest, we wish we did the entire Fairyland loop instead of heading back after seeing the bridge because it didn’t feel very satisfactory when we got to the bridge lol (but that’s just us).

Anyway, it took us about 1.5 hours to complete and afterwards we headed out to the only Subway in town. It was the BUSIEST Subway I have ever seen. The line was OUT THE DOOR and the staff there were finishing up orders for two tour buses full of people. I don’t know why I had to share this, but it was a poppin’ Subway.

Mossy Creek

  • Distance = 0.7 miles
  • Elevation = 203 feet

Mossy Creek isn’t within the national park, but a very quick drive off of Highway 12. We walked along the river (or is it stream… I am not sure what type of body of water it is lol) until we found this mini waterfall. We definitely weren’t expecting to see a waterfall when coming here since we were in the middle of the desert. It is really cool seeing a waterfall surrounded by hoodoos though! We kept wondering where this water was even coming from and learned that water flow is not natural and was created into an irrigation ditch by the pioneers in the 1800’s.

Rim Trail

  • Distance = 0-11 miles
  • Elevation = 5.5 miles one-way

We thought about doing the Hat Shop Trail, but wanted to catch the sunset at Sunset Point so we decided to just do the Rim Trail which still didn’t disappoint! No matter where you are looking down into the amphitheater or how many times you do look down, it was so beautiful every single time!

The night before, we did the scenic drive along Highway 12, but didn’t get a chance to go to all of the viewpoints. So, we decided that we would start at Rainbow Point and make our way down to Sunset Point to catch the sunset! Our favorite viewpoint was the Natural Bridge!

Natural Bridge

My pictures of the sunset at Bryce doesn’t do any justice for how pretty it was in real life! We had one heck of a day and after watching the sunset, we headed back to our campsite to make dinner, take a shower, and get some rest for our next stop – Antelope Canyon.

Last but not least, here is a compilation of all my videos from Bryce! ❤ Hope you guys enjoy!

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