Day 6: Alstrom Point, Antelope Canyon, & Horseshoe Bend

We woke up early and packed up our campsite at Bryce to head towards Alstrom Point, which was a three hour drive away. We had reservations to go on a tour to Antelope Canyon at 3:00 PM and wanted to squeeze in a slow and steady 30 mile off-roading adventure (sounds crazy, right?).

If you plan on going to Alstrom Point, leave yourself PLENTY of time since it is an off-road 60 mile roundtrip drive. If you plan on camping, make sure you bring a lot of water and food since you are pretty isolated out there. There is very limited service, so we printed out directions just in case our phones were dead or we couldn’t load the pdf file on our phones. There were definitely some sketch rocks on this road and times where I thought our rental car (which we decided to name Winnie and cheered her on the entire way) was going to flip one way or the other to be honest.

Go slow! There was a part of the road where it dipped down so low we were worried we couldn’t get back up because of how low and deep it was. This “ditch” had a graveyard of other peoples’ car bumpers laying around. After many heart palpitations, mini-strokes, and giving a lot of appreciation to Winnie… WE MADE IT!

Alstrom Point
GoPro selfie

The views were amazing! The colors of the rocks against the blue water was beautiful. It felt like we stepped onto another planet when we got out of our car. We walked around, took pictures, and by the time we decided to make lunch it started to sprinkle a little. We were super worried about the road conditions going back if it were to start pouring, so we quickly boiled water and ate our meal on-the-go (I had to feed Jordan while he was driving over some sketchy rocks).

It was a 1.5 hour drive from Alstrom to the reservation office for our Antelope Canyon tour. Jordan booked our tour through Antelope Canyon Tours and we chose the Sightseer’s Tour (duration of 50-60 minutes in the canyon) since we didn’t have a fancy camera to do the Photography Tour (duration of the maximum time of 2 hours in the canyon). When we booked our tour for June, we booked it all the way back in December and almost all of the time slots were sold out already. So, yes… Make a reservation ASAP!

Look how beautiful this piece of nature is!!!

It can get pretty crowded walking through the canyon since there are several tour groups going in and out of the narrow paths. However, our tour guide showed us how to get awesome shots!

It was a very sandy ride and walk through the canyon, so if you don’t want to eat sand or get it in your eyes… I would recommend sunglasses and a bandana or something to cover your face. After the tour, we saw this fried chicken place called Bird House that looked SO BOMB that we had to try before heading to Horseshoe Bend. I don’t think I have ever gotten so emotional over food and usually I always am, but I almost shed tears while I was eating this fried chicken.

Half bird, honey butter chicken tenders, spicy chicken sandwich, mac and cheese, and coleslaw = ~$34.00

We met the chef when he picked up our empty trays and we told him to build one out in Seattle because it was so freaking good. Maybe because Jordan and I are so used to paying so much for food going out in Seattle, we felt like anywhere we ate around Arizona and Utah was super cheap. $34 for ALL of this was a dream 🙂

GoPro selfie

We wanted to make a quick stop to Horseshoe Bend on the way to the Grand Canyon. It was only a quick 10 minute drive down US-89 and a very quick little hike to see something so enormous! This place was crowded and there were a ton of people stopping to take pictures. There were a lot of people setting up their tripods for the sunset. Since we still had about a 3 hour drive to the Grand Canyon, we couldn’t stay and check it out :/ There was some construction work being done to create a railing along the edges of the rim since people have fallen off the edge. Taking a GoPro selfie was definitely scary, but the views were amazing!

Definitely need to see in person! This picture doesn’t do justice
There was one person taking our picture and another one holding them up from falling over because of the strong wind – those guys were the real MVPs for taking this picture

We got in our car and headed our way to the Grand Canyon! It was a 3 hour drive in complete darkness and strong winds, but we did set up our tent the fastest that night with a lantern and headlights on (we were pretty impressed with ourselves). We then went straight to bed to get ready for Bright Angel Trial in the morning!

Thanks for reading! Hope you guys have a great weekend (:

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