Day 8: Sedona & Drive to Havasupai

Day 8… Day 8 was probably THE MOST relaxing day of our entire trip. A day where we did minimal hiking, enjoyed ourselves, and weren’t on the go. We packed up camp at the Grand Canyon and drove two hours to Sedona, Arizona.

Our only agenda for this day was to do a quick hike to Devil’s Bridge and explore the cute town of Sedona. Devil’s Bridge is a 2 mile roundtrip hike from the parking lot and depending on how challenging and how far of a hike you are up for, there are different routes you can hike that all lead to Devil’s Bridge. The parking lot is very small, but were lucky enough to grab a spot when someone was leaving. The trail was fairly easy, but there were some steep rocks you had to climb up on. Less than an hour though… we made it! I asked a girl who was there to take our picture and she was really afraid of heights. So, bless her soul for taking these awesome pictures!

After we walked back to our car, we headed into town and Yelped (is that a verb now?) some Mexican restaurants to eat at. We went to this place called Oaxaca, mainly because they had a top floor “outdoor” seating area. The food was okay and everything that Jordan ordered was wrong, but we made everything better by stuffing our faces with homemade ice cream and iced coffee. It was soooo hot that we could barely stand the heat walking back to the car. We were literally wobbling (because of how much food we ate) in the intense heat and it felt super uncomfortable – would not recommend to stuff your face and walk in 100+ degree weather.

We left Sedona around 3:30PM to make the long journey (about a 3 hour drive) to Havasupai trailhead. FINALLY!!! THE COUP DE GRACE!!! We planned our entire hiking trip based on our Havasupai reservations and the time has finally come!

The drive towards the trailhead is 60 miles off the highway with nothing much around you except for hills, animals, and what seems like an endless dirt road. There were a ton of cattle, squirrels, weasels (which were super cute), bunnies, and even a herd of antelope. We read a lot of other peoples’ stories about how driving in the dark can be dangerous because there is a chance of hitting a cow, bull, or any wild animal since it is pitch dark out. We had a stare down competition with a cow in the middle of the road and said “Hi” to some cattle. This road seemed endless that we started to count how many bunnies and weasels we passed by.

By 7:30PM, we scored a parking spot near the trailhead (there were a ton of cars parked miles away from the trailhead just on the side of the road because of the limited amount of parking spots) and started organizing the back of our car in order to make our bed for the night. We made some friends in the parking lot, one who showed us his rock collection in his trunk bed and gave us a geology lesson. We cheered on a group of people who were hiking back to their cars, we could see their headlights all the way down inside the canyon up until they were climbing the hill leading to the trailhead. There were also a lot of bats here and one of them flapped right next to my ear – yuck yuck yuck. We organized our backpacks one last time and went to bed early to start making our way into the canyon by 4:30AM.

I can’t wait to share with you guys our trip to Havasupai! ❤ Thanks for reading!

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