Day 9 – 10: Havasupai

Yay! We quickly got up early in the morning at 4:30 AM to start making our trek down into the Grand Canyon towards the village of Supai! It is a eight mile hike to the village of Supai and another two miles from the village to the campgrounds – a total of 10 miles. I have been on a lot of hikes, but never backpacked before!! It was so amazing to have my first backpacking trip be a once in a lifetime backpacking trip at Havasupai, especially to be able to share this adventure with the most amazing love! ❤ Jordan says that there isn’t going to be another backpacking trip to top this one.

The color of the rocks changed as the sun was rising

Our packs were under 50 lbs each, but man… this was hard. Definitely learned a lot of lessons about how to pack lighter next time. Jordan’s backpack was killing his shoulders and back (he got a new backpack before we even thought about our next backpacking trip when we got home). My straps across my waist were digging into my sides that I chaffed pretty bad. Besides the pain, the hike was beautiful!

Once we got to the village and checked in, we were soooo close to finally set up camp. We decided not to take a break at the visitor’s center and instead wanted to get down there early to find a nice camp spot since it was first-come first-serve. We saw waterfalls along the way that had theeeee most bluest, clear water ever!

Cascading tidepools

And then finally… After weeks and months of sharing pictures with each other of Havasu Falls, we finally saw it in it’s entire beauty in real life ❤


We found a campsite around 11:00AM and were relieved to take off our backpacks and finally get to relax. We only had a permit for two nights and because of how exhausted we were, we wanted to do minimal hiking the rest of our stay and relax the entire time we were here 🙂 No cellphone service and no social media – just nature, beauty, and spending time with the one that I love ❤ We were hanging around Havasu Falls floating and swimming the rest of the day!

The next day, we decided to check out Mooney Falls. In order to reach the bottom of this 200 feet tall waterfall, you have to hike down old mining tunnels carved within the cliff using chains and ladders. There were some tunnels that you had to crouch and really get inside them to make your way down. It was crazy being under a 200 foot tall waterfall, just adoring how beautiful this Earth is – definitely a must go when visiting Havasupai!

We spent more time floating and living our best lives at Havasu Falls until the sun went down (what a life?!). We thought about visiting Beaver Falls and Otter Falls, but opted to be lazy and float around (wish we had a chance to get a longer permit). Walking to and from the campgrounds was SUPER hot, I swear I could feel the water droplets evaporating off my skin. It was about ~106 degrees the day we were there and it sure felt like it.

We really wanted to try out their Supai burgers (fry bread made from scratch with ground beef, cheese, lettuce and condiments) and the hut near the campground wasn’t open. So, we took our chances and hiked two miles back to the village to see if the one there was open. Even though we were so disappointed it wasn’t, we were able to go to the visitor’s office and ask about how to have our packs brought out of the canyon on a horse (we were already dreading the ten mile hike out, uphill with our uncomfortable packs). It costs $160 per mule, yes… per mule. They don’t charge per backpack, you have to pay for the horse. It took us awhile to understand that lol.

On our way back to the campground, we saw that the hut near the campground was now open serving their Supai burgers (wow). So, we definitely got one and a frozen gatorade to reward us on our journey for these burgers.

We wanted to wake up early to not get caught in the heat hiking back out. In order for us to sleep in a little, we packed up our tent the night before and slept in a hammock together. My arm went numb a few times sleeping with Jordan so closely. Anyway, the trail heading back isn’t shaded for about three miles and those last few miles were brutal. We didn’t even have our packs on and we were still struggling, especially because hiking in the sand is challenging. You are exerting more energy in just the simple motion of picking up your feet and setting it in front of you. Each little step at the time became a mentally exhausting thing.

The downside of not having our packs was that we couldn’t carry extra snacks or food along the way. So, after our shared frozen-dried meal breakfast and some beef jerky, that was all we had eaten for the last three or so hours. This family in front of us kept asking if we were okay and offered us some food during this last stretch of the hike – thank you Jesus for these people! Jordan and I ran out of water during the last mile of the hike and we really pushed ourselves mentally to get out of there ASAP.

The moment I saw the sign for the trailhead, my heart exploded. WE DID IT!!! I never thought I would accomplish not only this backpacking trip, but our entire trip we planned together in my lifetime. There is just so much beauty in this world and even though some of it was physically and mentally challenging, it was so life rewarding! That feeling when you are standing at the very top and begin to look down into a valley. Or swimming and standing underneath a 200 foot waterfall. That feeling when you reach the last chain climbing up something when it feels like you’ve been climbing forever. Or admiring how blue the water is and realizing how you are so lucky to be within it’s beauty 🙂

How do we reward ourselves after hiking back out of the Grand Canyon? Not just that, but also completing a desert roadtrip where we hiked about 100 miles!! Two double cheeseburgers each, one cheeseburger to share, two milkshakes, and two fries (animal-style) at In-N-Out. Food hasn’t ever tasted better. We stayed at a nearby KAO for the night & partied all day and night in Vegas before we left!!! 

Thanks for reading ❤ I am thinking of posting how Jordan organized everything for us this trip. In terms of getting permits, when to book campsites, which campsites we booked, and what we would possibly do differently if we were to go back again! Check out the video clips I took during our time at Havasupai 🙂

Havasu Falls

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