Franklin Falls

Length: 2.0 miles

Elevation: 400 ft

Not too long ago, we spent a Saturday morning hiking to Franklin Falls. Usually a 2.0 mile round trip hike, turned into a 8.0 mile round trip hike due to the road being closed. I fractured my ankle in August on a backpacking trip to Spectacle Lake (that reminds me, I need to post about that.. I am so far behind!). This tiny hike was my first hike since I fractured it and I couldn’t wait to get back on the trail!

It was fairly easy getting to the trailhead without hiking poles or spikes. The trail was very icy and there was a lot of hard snow you had to walk on. We saw a lot of people with snow shoe rentals, but we were able to get to the waterfall just fine with spikes on our hiking boots.

Last year, it was much colder and we had a lot of snow where Franklin Falls would be completely frozen over. Even though we didn’t get a chance to see any cool icicles, the waterfall was still beautiful! I made it without rolling my ankle – YAY! Small victories ❤ We spent the rest of our time at the waterfall eating spam masubis and taking pictures!

It snowed a couple of inches yesterday in Seattle and it definitely makes me want to get out and do a few more winter hikes before the snow goes away! Maybe a hike out to Lake Serene? I will let you know!

Thanks for reading 😀

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