Day 2: Cape Kiwanda

It was a cold night sleeping in our tents in Nehalem, but the sound of the rain did help lull me to sleep. We woke up and headed to get breakfast at Offshore Grill Breakfast near Rockaway Beach. It was the best breakfast that Jordan has ever had.

We wanted to go on a hike to Munson Creek Falls – it was very much less of a hike and more of a stroll since the trail to get closer to the waterfall was closed off. However, it was super pretty to see the trees covered in moss 🙂

Our next stop was to Cape Kiwanda! We stayed there for the majority of our day and took our time walking around the beach and the natural recreational area. Guss was such a pro climbing up steep sand hills and rocks!

Exploring this place was definitely the highlight of our day! The second highlight of MY day at least was visiting the Tillamook Cheese Factory afterward!!!

Of course, we got dessert FIRST (we both got a double scoop order on waffle cones, unfortunately Guss just watched us) before diving into our dinner of mac & cheese, grilled cheese, and tomato soup.


We went back to our lovely tent in Nehalem, had ourselves a little campfire, and went to bed to prepare for our long drive to our next campsite – Jessie M. Honeyman State Park!

Thanks for reading!! Hope you guys enjoyed! After I am finished posting about this Highway 1 roadtrip, I can’t wait to share with you my backpacking adventures in The Enchantments!

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