Day 3: OTW to Jessie M. Honeyman

Day three felt very busy since it consisted of a lot of sightseeing during a 3.5 hour drive down to our next campsite at Jessie M. Honeyman. Before heading to the Devil’s Punchbowl, we enjoyed the scenic views on the way and made some stops along the side of Highway 1.

Quick stop along Highway 1 to check out these rocks

When we got to Devil’s Punchbowl we were expecting to see tides thrashing around, but because it was low tide there wasn’t much activity going on within this huge pit. However, we were able to drive to the beach and explore inside of it instead – which was way more fun! The drive up spot along the Oregon Coast doesn’t lead you to the beach, so we had to look on our map to see what beach was close by and it was called Otter Crest Beach.

The view of Otter Crest Beach from the Devil’s Punchbowl parking lot
Devil’s Punchbowl during low tide
Walking along Otter Crest Beach to get to Devil’s Punchbowl
So pretty during low tide!

We made a quick stop to check out these cool rocks at Seal Rocks State Park!

We finally had made it to Yachats, which was 40 minutes away from our campsite and decided to grab a beer and lunch at Yachats Brewing + Farmstore before driving more south to check out Thor’s Well and Devil’s Churn.

Looking at this makes my stomach growl

All of their ingredients were listed on a chalkboard next to what farm and city they were from – yay to shopping local! The food was absolutely delicious! I had a elk burger with bacon jam (what is it – no idea, but life changing) and some garlic aioli with a side of fried potatoes with an amazing sauce on them.

We had lost service along Highway 1 to find Thor’s Well (thanks, T-Mobile) and were pretty exhausted from driving and stopping… So, we only walked along the coast to see Devil’s Churn.

The opening of Devil’s Churn and the beginning of the waves thrashing around

We were so tired when we got to our campsite that we immediately set up camp and went to bed since we had to wake up super early the next day to check out Samuel H. Boardman!

Thanks so much for reading!! Samuel H. Boardman State Scenic Corridor was our favorite part of our roadtrip by far ❤

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