Lately, I feel like my mind is in this constant "GO! GO! GO!" mode. It feels like, I barely have time to sit down and take a breath. If I catch myself relaxing, I get this gut-feeling that I should be planning something, organizing something, or creating new ideas to do something. I start re-doing... Continue Reading →

Nurses Week

As a nurse, we experience life touching moments with our patients. We rejoice together about new life, we too feel the pain of an unfortunate diagnosis, & we respect life that is lost. We are nurses, but we too are human. I was practicing my senior practicum on an antepartum, labor & deliery, and postpartum... Continue Reading →


Before nursing school, I was a volunteer on a med-surg floor at the University of Washington Medical Center. I was in the middle of taking my prerequisites to apply to nursing school and one of the requirements was to have 100 hours of volunteering. On the unit, I restocked linen and supplies, changed patients' bedding, delivered... Continue Reading →

Leap of Faith

About a year ago, I turned in my three weeks' resignation letter to start completely new. New hospital. New coworkers. New surgeons. Being the "new" person. Completing dozens of on-boarding computer modules. Not knowing where anything is. Learning new policies and procedures. And especially - a new patient population. Pediatrics. I have always loved interacting with... Continue Reading →

Don’t Be Sad

I always admired those who cared for sick children. I believe that working with kids it is rewarding, but at the same time very difficult. It takes a lot sometimes to hold back tears that are on the rim of your waterline when you empathize with a patient and a family. There are times where I find myself stressed... Continue Reading →


Happy New Year! Honestly, I have been unfaithful to not only my blog, but as well as to my followers. Last year, here were some of my accomplishments: Pursued my passion of helping sick children by changing patient populations working as a RN in the operating room Helped my loving mother achieve the American Dream - by helping... Continue Reading →

My 1st Honest Purchase

Hi there! Hope you all are having a great Tuesday (: I just want to share with you guys my first purchase from The Honest Company. I love Jessica Alba and The Honest Company has amazing products for your house, baby products, and yourself! I love their principle of making their line of products all... Continue Reading →

Snowing in Utah

Do you ever feel a sense of cleansing whenever it snows? Life stops for a second and you appreciate snowflakes and the crisp air. There's a lot that I think about when I am at a standstill during moments like this - I am truly captivated. What does the future have in store for me?... Continue Reading →


I hope all of you guys had a great and safe New Year's Eve! Today is the first day of 2016 and I hope all of you rang in the new year surrounded by loved ones. I spent my morning at St. James Cathedral ringing in New Year's Day filled with the Spirit. This is my... Continue Reading →

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